Singapore: 89-year-old man dies on North Bridge Road struck by falling tree branch

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Singapore man died (Representational image) Reuters

An elderly man was struck by a falling tree branch, that became the cause of his death on Saturday morning, April 21.

The incident took place on North Bridge Road, which starts at the junction with Crawford Street in Kallang, on the western bank of the Rochor River, and continues in a southwest direction before ending at Elgin Bridge.

The local police stated that they were alerted about the incident, which happened on 7- North Bridge Road at 5.26 am. When they reached the location, the 89-year-old victim was found lying motionless and unconscious. An ambulance reached the place at around 5.30 am and the paramedics examined the man and pronounced him dead.

The Jalan Besar Town Council expressed their condolence to the family of the unnamed deceased via their Facebook page called Jalan Besar GRC.


Earlier, at Geylang Lorong 17, a tree branch fell on a car and blocked the gates of the vehicle and trapped three Singapore residents inside the silver Hyundai Elantra on January 27, Saturday evening. The passengers were going towards Sims Avenue when the tree branched landed on the roof of their car and damaged the vehicle.

While narrating the incident the 62-year-old driver said that when he was going home with his 50-year-old friend and her 29-year-old daughter, they saw the tree branch has fallen from above on his car and left a dent on it. Even though the victims did not suffer any serious injury, the man said both windscreens of the car were shattered and the branch left shards of glass all over seats.

This article was first published on April 21, 2018