Singapore: 67-year-old man jailed for molesting teenager on MRT train

Arrested and jailed
Representational image Pixabay

Mak Yip Kee, a 67-year-old man has been sentenced to 13 months' jail for molesting a 13-year-old girl on an MRT train while travelling from Aljunied to Paya Lebar station on January 07, 2016. Winston Man, the deputy public prosecutor informed the district court that the man who was standing behind the girl while travelling used his little finger to poke her private parts.

A similar charge of molesting a 23-year-old business development officer was also taken into consideration before the judgment. Considering his age, the court has spared him from getting the caning. The man had committed a similar offense 20 years ago.

Details of the heinous crime

The 67-year-old accused was standing behind the girl during the journey. He was holding his right hand to a safety bar, while he had a mobile phone in his left hand. The girl noticed that his little finger of his left hand was pointed outwards.

When the train started moving, Mak Yip Kee intentionally poked on the girl's thigh with his left-hand little finger. Initially, the girl thought that the man had contacted her accidentally due to the train's movement. She later moved to the left side, but the man continued poking, and he several times touched at her private parts over her skirt.

The girl became shocked and instead of confronting him, she moved away from the sexual predator. The man then started staring at her and tried to look where she was going.

While getting out off the train at the Paya Lebar station at around 06.30 PM, Mak Yip Kee swung his right hand towards the 23-year-old business development officer and touched her private parts. Seeing the shocking reaction of the business officer, the student approached her and informed that she was also molested by the same man some minutes back.

After getting off the train at the Bedok MRT station, the duo sought help from the MRT officials, and later the police were informed. Mak Yip Kee was arrested four days later.