Singapore: 3 men get stern warnings for flying unmanned aircraft in restricted, special event areas

Drone Pixabay

Singapore police arrested three men, aged between 25 and 49 and issued stern warnings for flying unmanned aircraft in restricted and special event areas.

In a news release, which was published on Saturday, police stated that they first arrested a 25-year-old man after they were alerted to an aircraft crash incident that took place on August 7 in North Bridge Road, which is a restricted area.

The rest two alleged offenders were arrested in the vicinity of Marina Barrage and Singapore Flyer respectively, after police noticed that those two unnamed male, aged between 32 and 49, were in possession of unmanned aircraft during National Day celebration on August 9 and had operated those devices, within a Special Event Area without the required permits.

Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore said that these kind of unmanned aircraft is commonly called as drones and it can be operated without a pilot on board.

However, as per the authorities, police have completed the investigation and those three offenders have received "stern warnings" for operating unmanned aircraft.

The police statement added that such action may pose a threat to public safety and security, as large crowds are expected in those areas on special events. It also said, flying such aircraft near the fireworks are extremely dangerous and also can cause harm to people who attended the celebration.

Singapore law states that anyone convicted of possessing or flying an unmanned aircraft near or into the Special Event Area would face a jail term up to 12 months or a maximum fine of S$20,000 or both.