Singapore: 28-year-old woman jailed for two weeks for throwing glass at nightclubber

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A 28-year-old woman was sentenced to two weeks' jail on Friday for throwing glass at a nightclubber after losing temper. Jasmine Angie Ong pleaded guilty to a rash act causing hurt at Shanghai Dolly in Clarke Quay on Jan 30 last year.

Reports said that Ong threw a glass at her fellow 44-year-old nightclubber as he danced on stage. But, after missing the first one, she threw another glass that hit the victim in the face before smashing on the floor.

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Deputy Public Prosecutor Derek Ee said that Ong and her friends, including Soh Lai Seng, 36, had shared two towers of beer at the nightclub. Their table was right behind the tables of the victim, who has been identified as Tan Lai Hock, and his two friends.

Ong had told Soh to ask the three people in front to move as her view of the stage was getting blocked. But, in spite of that the trio, including the victim, did not move from there. Later when the band's performance ended, Tan moved to the stage and started dancing.

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At about 3.25 am, Ong was drinking with her friends when she suddenly felt that someone had thrown something at her table. She thought that it was Tan and looked at him, but he was dancing.

This made Ong quite angry and she threw a glass at him which missed. Tan looked at Ong and her friends and saw her gesturing at him. When Ong missed the first glass, she took another one and hurled at him. As a result of this, Tan suffered redness and pain on his left cheek.

Both Ong and Tan were taken out of the nightclub and Tan was arrested for disorderly behavior. Later, he was fined $2,000.

Ong's lawyer Chew Zijie said in mitigation that the entire incident started from a misunderstanding. He added that Ong was extremely remorseful and was deeply sorry as she committed the offenses "in a moment of heat and folly".

District Judge Jasvender Kaur also agreed with the prosecution that the custodial threshold was crossed. She said the resulting injury had been relatively minor.

Ong has been asked to surrender on Feb 28. According to the law, Ong could have been jailed for up to one year and/or fined up to $5,000 for the rash act to endanger the personal safety of other people.

This article was first published on January 26, 2018