Singapore: 28-year-old female rider taken to hospital after hit by bus on Bukit Timah Road

Singapore Road Safety Council has advised to follow some traffic rules to avoid accidents.

Singapore cyclist
Singapore cyclist (Representational picture) Reuters

A 28-year-old female cyclist became a victim of the road accident, as she was hit by a bus at Upper Bukit Timah Road on Wednesday afternoon, February 14. Police said that they were alerted about the accident at 2.49 pm.

However, it did not cause any life-threatening injuries and the cyclist was taken to the Ng Teng Fong General Hospital soon after the accident. An eyewitness took photos of the incident and shared it on the social media website Stomp.

Images of the aftermath of the accident showed that a pedestrian walkway along the road was blocked with a stack of bicycles.

The eyewitness said that the cyclist was using the road because the walkway was blocked. The police said they were investigating the case.

According to Singapore Road Safety Council, there are some rules and regulations, which should be followed by a cyclist in Singapore to maintain the safety on the road. Many accidents involving cyclists' can be avoided if they follow the following traffic rules:

Tips for Cyclists

  • Protect your head from injury by wearing a safety helmet.
  • Use elbow pads and knee pads to cushion the impact of a fall.
  • Wear proper shoes, and make sure that the laces are always tied properly.
  • Do not wear bell bottom and baggy pants, as this could get entangled with the pedals and other moving parts.

When using the road remember these

  • Act as if you're a pedestrian – look right, left, and then right again. When the road is clear, push your bicycle across for better safety.
  • Use hand signals to warn other road users when you stop. Place the left foot on the ground and alight from the left side of the road.
  • Be extra alert at road junctions – these are accident-prone areas.
  • Stop your bicycle completely at "Give Way" and "Stop" signs.
  • Before crossing at junctions with traffic lights, always look to see if there are no vehicles coming from the left and right.
  • Do not carry a pillion rider.
  • Do not ride in a zigzag manner.
  • Do not carry things, walk a dog, hold an umbrella, or otherwise occupy one hand while cycling.
  • Do not risk injuries by doing dangerous stunts.

Be cautious before making these mistakes

  • Failing to keep to the edge of the road
  • Failing to look out properly for traffic
  • Failing to give hand signals
  • Failing to wear light-coloured clothing or reflective gear at night
  • Failing to keep bicycle well-maintained
  • Swerving in and out of traffic
  • Disobeying traffic signals