Singapore: 26-year-old man sentenced to five weeks of imprisonment for obscene behaviour

Its OK to be white speaker arrested following altercation with protester
Singapore man arrested (Representational picture)

A 26-year-old drunken party hopper was sentenced to five weeks of imprisonment for throwing food and abusing a woman's relatives who was celebrating her 21st birthday and for assaulting them. He also verbally abused the police who went there to arrest him.

According to reports, the accused Sebastian Siua Yun Sian was found guilty of using criminal force on a policeman and abusing the official.

The jobless Sian pleaded guilty during the judgement on January 25, Thursday. During sentencing, the legal authority took the decision on the basis of two charges against him and one count each of using criminal force on the woman, who went there to celebrate her 21st birthday, including a second charge of abusing the policeman.

The incident took place at Figaro Street house near Jalan Ulu Siglap where Sian went to attend the party from 8 pm to 9 pm on September 30, 2016.

After consuming a lot of alcohol, Sian became agitated and started to throw food and drinks on the floor. Court papers did not reveal what provoked him to behave like that, but many believe that it was due to excessive drinking.

The birthday girl's mother called her husband and son to control the situation, who asked Sian to leave the party. When he refused to go out of the party hosts called the police. Meanwhile, Sian became more violent and took a glass bottle and threw it at the girl's father.

Minutes later, police officers named Muhammad Luqman Hakim Azma, 23 and his colleague 24-year-old Ho Chuan San arrived at the location.

During the legal process, Houston Johannus, Deputy Public Prosecutor said that at around 12.33 am officer San arrived to make the accused calm but Sian did not cooperate. The accused pushed the officer by using his left shoulder and tried to get inside the living-room but he got arrested.

A video clip of the incident was played in court on Thursday and it showed Sian's violent behaviour during the party.

While the DPP Johannus asked for at least six weeks of imprisonment, defence lawyer Teo Choo Kee urged for a fine of $10,000 or jail for maximum three weeks.

The alleged accused is now out on bail and has been asked to surrender himself at the State Courts on February 1 to proceed with his sentence.

According to the state law, for committing the rash act, the man could have been sent to jail for six months with a fine of $2,500 and for using abusive language the person could have been jailed for up to a year, including a fine of $5,000.