A 20-year-old boy was arrested in connection with the death of a young man who was killed on Saturday in Singapore.

The 26-year-old deceased's body was found outside a unit on the 6th floor at Block 279 in Yishun Street 22.

The police said that they were informed about the body at 7.57 p.m. Once they reached there, the paramedics pronounced the man dead at 8.29 p.m. Investigations are going on.

Both the men were reportedly involved in a prior dispute but no weapon was used in the incident.

Reports quoted Diin, who lives on the fifth floor, as saying that he heard a "loud bang" around 7:45 p.m but he was not sure of what exactly happened there.

"I heard a very loud thumping sound. It's like something dropped onto the floor. It's a very loud sound. I thought my neighbour was moving something," Diin told AFP.

Saik Khar, a 75-year-old lady who lives on the 6th floor, said that she was attacked by the 26-year-old man on Wednesday night. But when she shouted for help, the attacker ran away.

Another neighbour, who named himself as Andy, 37, said that he had started noticing the murdered man two years ago. "He has never spoken to me before, but he would just stare at me and walk around the block for a few hours," he said.