Singapore: 2 men get involved in fight at Geylang coffee shop

The fight continued for almost 30 minutes and after police arrived at the Geylang coffee shop, they took the situation under control

Two men got involved in a fight at a nightclub in a coffee shop near Lorong 37 Geylang on Monday, December 23 after they got into a heated argument. As per the reports after the argument started friends of the two tried to step in between them to stop the fight.

The nightclub brawl

Chinese-language newspaper Shin Min Daily News reported that initially, the argument started between one of the involved men and a woman. But later another man got involved in this case and the argument escalated to into a physical brawl.

After the incident police were called. The officials reached the location and reports claimed that there were eight police vehicles at the scene. An employee of the coffee shop, where the entire incident took place, told the media that he was shocked at the number of police cars.

Police report
Police report Pixabay

The coffee shop

The employee stated that the shop tended to get rowdy at night, while another man, who runs the shop explained in detail what happened on the day of the incident. The owner mentioned that the group of diners came from a nearby nightclub just before he was leaving the shop for the night.

He explained that the fight first started between two men and later another man joined in. When the argument turned into a fight the involved people became violent and damaged the metal gate outside the shop.

This fight has lasted for almost 30 minutes but after the arrival of the police officials, the situation was taken under control.

Singapore law

However, under Penal Code section 147, rioting is considered a criminal offence and a convict in rioting can face a penalty of a mandatory imprisonment sentence of up to seven years and with caning.

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