Singapore: 2 men caught on camera while fighting at Dhoby Ghaut MRT, police arrested both

Video screen grab/ Stomp

Two men, aged between 36 and 20, were arrested for fighting at Dhoby Ghaut MRT station on Sunday night, September 2. The incident was caught on the video camera and the local police were alerted to the case on the same day.

The two-minute long video of the incident showed that those two men were engaged in a brawl. As per the reports the video was circulated on WhatsApp and then it was uploaded onto citizen journalism website Stomp on Monday.

As per the footage, one man wearing a blue t-shirt and another man dressed in black, throwing punches and pushing each other aggressively at a train platform of Dhoby Ghaut station. The starting of the video showed that the man in the blue shirt was taking his position to defend and attack the other person.

Both the men looked like as if they are a part of a boxing match. A few seconds later the man wearing black shirt put his bag aside and took a position to continue the fight. The video also showed that a woman and some MRT staff step in to stop the conflict.

Several times the woman pointed the man in black shirt and said that he was drunk. In the video, a little boy could be seen while watching the fighting scene but he was asked to move away from those men. Later, when a man tried to stop the fight the man in black told him "Look at what he did to my face!"

However, the man in black can be seen with blood smeared on the right side of his face. He was about to walk away from the scene but suddenly he ran towards the man in blue, who was holding him down on the ground and yelling, "Hold him down if not I will take him out."

However, some station staffs and onlookers helped to separate them. Even though at the end of the video both parties went in two opposite direction, the police arrested both of them for affray.