Singapore: 1 killed, 2 injured in Jurong LPG facility fire accident [VIDEO]

LPG Facility at Jalan Buroh
LPG Facility at Jalan Buroh Facebook/ Singapore Incidents

A massive fire accident happened at an industrial area in Jurong that triggered loud explosions on Friday, June 21. It continued for at least two hours and caused injuries to two people while one man was killed.

Reports stated that the fire incident was out of control as it included hundreds of highly flammable liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders of various sizes. As per the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), this is the largest LPG fire accident that took place at 43 Jalan Buroh.

The affected facility, which is almost the size of two football fields, was affected by the fire which triggered loud explosions. The facility is actually owned Summit Gas Systems, which is the subsidiary of Union Energy Corporation that is responsible for the distribution of the cylinders to residential and commercial customers.

However, at around 5 pm SCDF was alerted to this incident and almost 120 firefighters extinguished massive blazes by 7.30 pm while ensuring that it would not spread to nearby larger LPG storage tanks.

The incident was so massive that commander of the 4th SCDF Division, Colonel Anthony Toh has described the fire as "raging and intense."

Later, Toh stated that their priority was to control the fire and prevent further spread, as well as to protect the two long LPG bullet tanks, each about 60 tonnes in size.

It should be noted that SCDF deployed 35 emergency vehicles at the height of the firefighting operations, seven water jets and a firefighting machine.

During the operation, SCDF firefighters found a 43-year-old man on the spot and after a check-up, paramedic pronounced him dead. They also rescued two men, aged between 29 and 45, in an unconscious state. Both of them were taken to Singapore General Hospital as the officials found the sign of burn injuries.

Soon after the news came out, several social media users have posted the video of the incident on Facebook.

SCDF also stated that they informed the users of SGSecure mobile app about the fire and advised them to stay away from the area.

There were several people who witness this incident and many of them also took videos of the fire outbreak. As per a man, who was on the location at around 5 pm said that he heard about 10 to 20 loud explosions.

Even a civilian, who lives at Yuan Ching Road, which is almost four kilometres away from the accident spot told the media that he heard multiple loud explosions shortly after 5 pm.

However, the cause of the fire is still unknown and authority is still investigating this huge fire accident.

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