Simon Yalaza has taken the social media world by storm, his huge fan following is enough proof to it.


The online medium has grown leaps and bounds and has become an important part of people's everyday lives. Many individuals have capitalized the online medium and become popular, especially through social media platforms. One individual who comes as the most popular YouTube stars is Simon Yalaza, who hails from Hechingen, Germany. He, with his engaging content has carved a niche for himself and his soaring popularity says it all.

Simon has derived loads of inspiration from his father and his mother has always encouraged him to go get the stars. Since a kid he was fascinated with the world of movies, acting, comedy and the works. He was drawn towards comedy big time, and his antics drew much attention from people around him. With the advent of the internet and growing popularity of social media platforms like YouTube, the next step for Simon was to create videos. His initial debut was well accepted by a wide audience, and he rose steadily to become the big YouTube star that he is today.

His popular on the street interviews of people passing by has become a global craze, the content is amazingly engaging and guarantees to keep the viewers glued. His YouTube channel which was launched in 2017 has more than 600,000 followers today making him one of the top most online stars. His videos are uploaded twice a week and are eagerly awaited by fans every week. All the editing is done by himself which according to him usually takes around six hours to complete.

Simon, apart from running his YouTube channel has also worked with Suga Agency, a media company, and has had the privilege to work with rappers like Kollegah, Farid Bang and Spongebozz. Last year Simon appeared along with renowned players like Kida Ramadan, Frederick Lau and Massiv at the Kiss Cup which was officially sponsored by radio channel 98.8 Kiss FM and took place in the Max-Schmeling-Halle in Berlin.

Simon has already achieved much success and is raring to go further. With his exceptional talent, there is no doubt that he is bound to conquer many more new territories in coming times.