Simon Lerner's NetCon community is paving the way for financial education

Simon Lerner

Founded by Simon Lerner, an entrepreneur, and educator, NetCon is a community that connects financial experts, business owners, and learners so that a network and space of knowledge, experience, and information is formed.

When Simon Lerner launched NetCon, his primary goal was to bridge the gap between financial knowledge and people looking to understand the seemingly intimidating world of finance, stocks, real-estate, and options trading. As someone who had to go through a ton of books and courses to learn and implement tactics and business practices, Simon wanted to create something to shorten this learning curve for beginners while also ensuring that the quality of education does not suffer.

As a platform and community, NetCon teaches students from all over the world concepts that go in depth in areas of the stock market, options trading, real-estate, business development, and personal growth.

Talking about NetCon and its principles, Simon Lerner says, "NetCon was built on a foundation of inclusivity and credibility. My aim is to create an online machinery of financial knowledge and expertise that trickles down to sections that are often inaccessible to the masses. This is why the business professionals and stock market experts who teach within the community and share real-life experiences make it a point to shape the information in a manner that even a layman would understand."

Till now, Simon Lerner has hosted several large networking conferences in the United States.

In the future, Simon Lerner plans to launch workshops, events, and courses that will make learning more effective and help students excel and implement at their own pace.