Simon Dorante-Day: Man Claiming To Be Secret Son Of King Charles III and Camilla Vows To Force Royals For DNA Test

A man who claims to be the love child of King Charles II and Camilla has vowed to bring legal action to prove his heritage despite the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Simon Dorante-Day wrote a letter to the Queen earlier this year demanding a paternity test. The Australian man claimed that he's the child of Charles and Camilla from the days before they got married.

He has been insisting the royals undergo DNA testing. He also claimed that it was a kick in his face to see William being named Prince of Wales. Dorante-Day was told by his adoptive grandmother that he was the love child of Charles and Camilla. The 56-year-old Queensland-based engineer was adopted when he was eight months old.

Simon Dorante-Day
Simon Dorante-Day Twitter

Dorante-Day's Adoptive Grandmother Told Him That He Is Child Of Charles, Camilla

He has for years spoken of his desire for the royals to submit to a DNA test to prove his genetic heritage and has even sought senior legal advice after a letter penned to the Queen speaking of his plight was not dignified with a response, according to Daily Mail.

Dorante-Day Believes Charles Can Give Him An Answer

"I don't want to feel that way, but I do. I just think, the least Charles can do is give me an answer - acknowledge me. He gives William a title like that, well where's my answer? Where's my DNA test? If you are not my father, then prove you're not," Dorante-Day told News 7 after William was given the title of Prince of Wales.

Simon Dorante-Day
Simon Dorante-Day Twitter

Dorante-Day Vows To Force King For Paternity Test

He has also vowed to force the King for a paternity test by pursuing legal action. Dorante-Day also held a discussion with a judge and a lawyer to find out the legal standing of Charles as there could be any constitutional rule that can place the monarch above the law. But the legal experts didn't find any reason like that.

Also, the monarch could be protected by the law but Camilla and her family are definitely not above the law. Therefore, Dorante-Day believes that he can definitely force them for the DNA test.

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