Siavash Aghaiepour- The vision that endows his accomplishments

Siavash Aghaiepour

We know celebrities and their hectic life schedule, we are so fascinated about celebs life and want to spend life like that but to lead the successful celeb life there is a person behind him who manages it which we can call the backbone of celeb Life. Siavash Aghaiepour is a talent management agent of American artists, hip hop musicians, and celebrities. He was born in Abadan Iran, grew in Tehran, and at the age of 11, he moved to Germany with his family.

Professionally he works as artist management apart from this he works as an event planner, consulting festivals and concerts. At the starting of his life, he started small event management for his friends. After that, he works hard and grew himself up and became a successful manager. As the work grew up he started inviting US celebrities, DJs and in return, he made himself known. As the business grows up he starts getting offers from all over the world. Sia company arranged mega-events in 2018- 2019. In 2019, Sia and his brother Roozbeh Aghaie Pour booked a line-up for Saudi Arabia's first international music festival that featured the likes of Janet Jackson, 50 Cent, Chris Brown, Future, and more. They also brought Migos, 2 Chainz, etc. to the first-ever hip Hop festival in South Korea (2018). Has planned private wedding parties with Shaggy in India. The man who has planned private wedding parties with Shaggy in India or Flo Rida in Beirut feels rewarded when he sees the artists performing and the audience enjoying the shows.

Growing the business to the next extent is not an easy task, this is full of challenges and competitions and Sia was an independent agent who always had to fight the corporate world while maintaining and expanding his business, became his driving force." They always count you out and look down on you because you are independent and try to do everything within your reach. I was always a step ahead and brought new acts and new markets together," he says.

As his hard work and energy prove everything about him that how big and great an entrepreneur he is. And he suggests that never give up and always focus on your dream the same he did and become exceptionally good in his work. He is the live example for many of the young entrepreneurs.

This article was first published on September 28, 2020