Shyon Keoppel is Applying his Success with SK Venture Group to the Los Angeles Market

Shyon Keoppel

Shyon Keoppel is the CEO of SK Venture Group, and he is looking to mirror his wildly successful hospitality and real estate endeavors in Oklahoma and Ohio to the Los Angeles area. Keoppel started his entrepreneurial career in construction, and has used his business savvy to branch out into the hospitality and real estate markets. All three sectors are perfectly aligned, as Keoppel uses his construction company to build restaurants and lounges, as well as other various real estate.

Keoppel is also the founder of the Millenial Capital Group, which provides financing and loans to his other expansive and creative projects. He provides capital or execution strategies to others via Millenial Capital Group, as he has become a pillar to lean on for those who want to start their own business.

Keoppel is now transitioning to the Los Angeles market, implementing a variety of ideas from other major metropolitan cities that can be used for the design and development of his projects. He already has a successful bar and lounge called 3rd Base Sports Bar, and is looking to further his name and reputation with more bars and lounges that are set to open on the notorious Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles.

Keoppel's diverse skill set, adaptability, and business acumen are traits that will definitely take him to the top of the Los Angeles hospitality and real estate industry. His ability to intertwine the sectors is what separates him from his peers, and Shyon Keoppel is definitely a name to look out for.