Should you discard your iPhone 6S and iPhone SE in 2020?

We would recommend that you stay put with your existing iPhone this year also. Here's why

Despite the enormous popularity of the latest iPhone devices all over the world, there are users who are still in love with the older versions of iPhones for many reasons. A few find the form factors useful, while a few think the 3.5mm audio-out port is irreplaceable and so on. Whatever the reason, many iPhone users still hold on to their devices. At the same time, they are wondering whether this is the right time to switch to a newer iPhone.

If you too count in the list, we would recommend that you stay put with your existing iPhone this year also. Here is why:

Software upgrade
Many older generation iPhone users are wary about the software upgrade issue and a bunch of users swap their devices for this very reason. Last year, Apple withdrew iOS upgrade support from the good old iPhone 5 series. Going by the trend line, it is expected that the iPhone 6s and iPhone SE too might lose iOS upgrade in 2020.

But a latest report suggests otherwise. According to a French website iPhoneSoft spotted by Notebookcheck, the iOS 14 upgrade which is supposed to be the iPhone OS version of 2020, would be rolled out for both iPhone 6s and SE series.

The report claims each iPhone launched in 2015 would be able to see the iOS 14 upgrade notification on their device display. In 2015, Apple launched the iPhone 6s series and the minuscule iPhone SE at a pocket-friendly price. Besides, all later versions of iPhone including iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and the iPhone 10 family would obviously get the upcoming iOS version. However, since there is no official confirmation about the leak yet, you should take it with a pinch of salt.

Other Apple-made devices which might lose iOS support in 2020 including iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 4.

Enhanced audio
Despite the massive popularity of the uber-cool truly wireless buds, many audiophiles prefer the old 3.5mm audio-out port for a bunch of reasons. Big smartphone makers like Samsung, Oppo and Xiaomi are still fancying the port in their latest flagships. Even Google decided to feature it on its Pixel series of devices.

Even though the wireless buds offer genuine value for money, the 3.5mm audio port is irreplaceable. They offer enhanced audio quality by letting you listen to higher bitrate files. Also, the old port offers less noise, balanced audio in maximum possible volume and a lot more.

Compact form factor
In these days of devices having display over 6 inches, many users still adore small devices fancying a compact display measuring less than 5.5 inches. They are really quite handy to use with a single hand or slip into the pocket quite easily.

 iPhone SE
Representative Image: Apple’s iPhone SE as seen on its website(Apple) Apple
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