A short video app, SMASHIT LIVE ready to fill the Vacant space and helping users to monetise their content


We are all fully aware of the power that social media has over people, especially since the recent advent of several social media platforms that are super engaging and entertaining. The ban of TikTok in India triggered an opportunity for companies to launch their applications. Chakravyuha Software Technologies created SMASHIT LIVE, incorporating a range of features piquing the interests of the short video application users. Unlike any other application, SMASHIT LIVE is based on blockchain technology to offer high-end data privacy for its users.

With the success and rise of short-video platforms, we have witnessed multiple viral videos that resulted in bringing forth young talent resulting in the capitalization of their skills thus giving birth to a new line of influencers. SMASHIT LIVE with its advent is all set to dominate the short video ecosystem. Launched as the world's first video streaming application based on blockchain technology, it already made its first mark. Users will be surprised to find out that there is a platform that unifies streaming features along with blockchain technology.

The recent ban that has been orchestrated in the Indian market on Chinese applications and products, has ignited a devastating response in the users. To fill this void Chakravyuha Software Technologies Private Limited created this sensational application that provides entertainment along with financial earnings. SMASHIT Live helps users monetize their content along with their online presence on the platform.

SMASHIT offers multiple features and add-ons such as high-speed image capture, a library full of in-trend music, quirky AR filters, hashtags, location-based content creation, and not only that, the user-friendly interface infused with advanced categories and a landing screen that shows recommendations based on the user's interests. All these advanced features make SMASHIT the perfect application, especially for GEN-Z. Along with these features, this application supports multiple zones like SMASH, FLICK, LIVE STREAMING, and PLAYLITE. The users can earn money depending not only on the creativeness of their content but also their activeness. This social media application can be used to express emotions and creativity through singing, dancing, comedy, and lip-syncing.

What makes this application stand out is that firstly it is created by an Indian company, so it is acceptable all around the world, also the fact that it offers monetary incentive is something entirely new and a total crowd puller. It is a psychologically proven fact that any activity/task that comes along with an incentive is more likely to gain public attention. And adding a monetary incentive to a creative and entertainment platform is like the cherry on top of ice cream.

The rise of this short-video application is evident considering its plight in the digital world dominated by a large number of artistic fiends. A platform that is easily accessible, user friendly, and that offers multiple editing options along with the added benefit - and opportunity for earning money. What else one needs? Honing the talents, check. Getting quirky with filters, check. Reaching masses, check. Gaining popularity and earning, check.

In 2020, SMASHIT LIVE announced that it has partnered with Australia based Ventures PTY.

SmashIt Live is all set to dip its toes in the wild realm of social media applications and building a wide audience range by offering a multitude of features and knick-knacks that are aesthetically appealing and allows scope for creativity. By offering such modifications, SMASHIT LIVE is definitely on a path to become the next trending application.