From 'short and fat' Kim Jong-un to Crooked Hillary: How Trump tweeted his heart out in 2017

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US President Donald Trump has tweeted more than 2,000 times ever since he was elected to the highest office. He has used Twitter as a medium to express his deepest thoughts, be it politics, celebrities, world affairs or even the environment.

Although Trump's followers regularly have their Twitter feed flooded with the usual stuff about President's political opinion and how he is making 'America great again', sometimes a gem of a tweet captures attention and goes viral.

In 2017, Trump has tweeted about news agencies, Hollywood celebrities, Kim Jong-un, former president Barack Obama and on many other issues, expressing his unique view or opinion on all these matters.

Let us take a look at the top 10 tweets of Donald Trump that have contributed to making 2017 more interesting than usual:


Donald Trump's 'covfefe' tweet Screengrab from Twitter

Donald Trump tweeted this around midnight on May 31, 2017 and the world was left baffled as to what it could possibly mean. Although Trump deleted the tweet a few hours later and replaced it with "Who can figure out the true meaning of "covfefe"??? Enjoy!", the word had gone viral with retweets and screenshots of his tweet crazily. 'Covfefe' is now a word present in the urban dictionary. Yes, that's how viral it went.

Blame the judge

When a federal judge put a nationwide hold on Trump's first travel ban that would have refused entry to all refugees and citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries, he ominously tweeted that the judge was to be blamed in case of any unfortunate incident in America involving immigrants.

Fake news

In Trump's everlasting war against mainstream media, a phrase turned out to be the winner and that is 'FAKE NEWS'. It emerged as one of the most tweeted about topics on social media. The President has followed up this tweet with several others about how fake news about him is being spread all over the world, while his remarkable achievements remain unannounced.

Spy Obama

According to this tweet, former US President Barack Obama had tapped the wires in Trump Tower to keep an eye on the great man just before his victory in the Presidential elections. Unsurprisingly, Trump did not give any proof against Obama and answered elusively when he was further questioned on this matter.

Modern Day President

Donald Trump claimed to be a "modern day president" when he was asked by netizens to reduce his usage of the social media. He ended the tweet with his campaign slogan "Make America Great Again", which has now become his go-to line in any situation. Point to be noted, Barack Obama was quite active on social media too.

Long and beautiful list of achievements

It is a known fact that Trump considers mainstream media to be against him. In this particular tweet, he complains that 'fake' news agencies do not talk about his accomplishments, choosing instead to focus on anything that they can get against him. He adds that he is compiling a "long and beautiful list" of how great America has become after he took over reins.

Crooked Hillary

Donald Trump has often come up with degrading terms about people he does not like, but Hillary Clinton has to be the most prominent among them. The US President has 'fondly' called her Crooked Hillary in a number of tweets and never fails to express how he feels about her and her actions. The tweet above is a small example of their love-hate relationship.

"I fulfilled my campaign promise"

In this tweet, accompanied by a video, Trump criticizes previous presidents who failed to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, despite having promised that they would do so in their election campaigns. He proudly states the fact that he had been brave and enterprising enough to do what others before him have merely talked about.

War of words with Kim Jong-un

While we already know that Donald Trump and North Korea leader Kim Jong-un love to hate each other, their war of words never fail to amaze us. Kim made headlines this year by calling Trump the archaic word 'dotard', which means imbecile. Now, behold this tweet of Donald Trump where he DOES NOT call Kim Jong-un "short and fat."

Give me some of that Global warming you've been talking about

One of Trump's most controversial stands is against the concept of global warming, which he believes to be a made-up rumor by scientists. While he has regularly expressed his opinion about how climate change is rubbish, his latest tweet talks about the frigid temperatures that the US has been experiencing lately. He uses this weather phenomenon after throwing a sarcastic comment in the past that America was expected to pay trillions of dollars to protect "an unreal" concept.