Shopmatey is a Social Commerce Store Creator that allows you to create and manage an online store on your phone


Shopmatey, a social commerce startup aimed at offering brands, eCommerce startups, and social media users an affordable alternative to Shopify and similar platforms, has announced its official launch today. The social commerce platform, built on the open source Wordpress-based technology WooCommerce, will also be available for download on the Apple App Store and Android app store.

Shopmatey was developed as a platform that integrates social media with eCommmerce an area in the tech world often referred to as "social commerce." In 2021, social-commerce purchasing reached $37 billion, signalling a burgeoning market with business value that has not been fully realized. The platform's key features and capabilities include:

Promotes a "digital window shopping" experience for customers through its unique combination of social media user experience (UX) and eCommerce functionality.

Convenient and intuitive selling experiences by enabling sellers to aggregate their stores into one platform with an easy-to-use interface.

Competitive pricing models with no product or service listing fees.

Built on WooCommerce and powered by Wordpress technologies that are supported by countless web hosts and developers due to their open-source nature.

Users can easily export their data and self-host if they outgrow the Shopmatey platform, or decide to leave for any reason.

The app's social aspect, which offers a user experience similar to social media apps such as Instagram or TikTok, was developed to allow sellers with strong social followings to seamlessly promote their products and services to their core audiences. By offering a "discovery feed" that users can explore to view recommended products, Shopmatey hopes to attract social media influencers and content creators that are looking to build and launch their own eCommerce stores.