Shooter Opens Fire at Fans Gathered For Vicente Fernández's Memorial, One Arrested [Video]

Shots were fired at fans mourning the demise of Mexican star Vicente Fernández' at Hollywood Walk of Fame on Sunday night.

A suspect fired multiple shots at mourning fans near the Hollywood Walk of fame on Sunday, December 12 night. No casualty was reported in the incident. The incident took place when a huge crowd was gathered to pay tribute to the late Mexican singer Vicente Fernández, who passed away on Sunday at the age of 81. The singer had been hospitalized since August after suffering a fall that required emergency spinal surgery. His health had worsened recently.

According to eyewitness accounts, more than five shots were fired in the 6100 block of Hollywood Boulevard, about two blocks east of Vine Street. Numerous fans had gathered to mourn the deceased Mexican star, Fernández, who had received a star on the Walk of Fame in Los Angeles in 1998. Witnesses told Eyewitness News that a person holding a handgun fired into the air from an upper-story apartment across the street from the memorial.

At least one bullet was reported to have struck a glass door where the crowd had gathered for the memorial. No injuries were reported. It is not clear at the moment if the shots were intentionally targeted on someone or the crowd or randomly fired. An investigation into the case is going on.

One suspect arrested

According to ABC7, Los Angeles Police Department officers responded to the reports of the shooting and scanned the area after clearing out the crowd from the crime scene. The LAPD then informed by around 8 pm that officers detained a suspect in connection with the shooting. The identity of the suspect was not clear at the moment, although it was reported that he was a resident of the building where the shots were fired from. The intent behind the shooting was not known, although an investigation is going on to establish concrete facts in the case.