SHOCKING: 'Zombies' Seen Lying on the Streets Outside Tesco in Viral Clip [VIDEO]

The footage was shared on the Facebook page of Sheffield Online and it has gone viral on social media

A new video has become viral on the social media platform that shows suspected drug users who passed out and the clip is being compared to the zombie TV show The Walking Dead. The video, which was shot near a Tesco at Burngreave, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, shows around five people slumped while some others on the ground in broad daylight, as reported by the Daily Mail.

In the clip, one man can be seen laying on top of nearby stairs as another person can be seen collapsed on a bench while another is hanging against a wall. The camera then pans towards a man who was sitting motionless on a wall while a woman can be seen sprawled on the pavement.

'Zombies' in Sheffield

Drug Abusers
Drug Abusers Twitter/David Vance

Few ambulances were parked next to them near the Tesco Extra outlet. The footage was shared on the Facebook page of Sheffield Online as it went viral instantly. It was shared over 1,000 times and had more than 1,500 comments with the users comparing the scene with The Walking Dead.

One of the viewers mentioned, "This is a daily occurrence in Pitsmoor. Whenever I go to Tesco shopping I see them all sat around drinking and takings drugs," as reported by the Daily Mail. Another stated, "They really don't have no shame, poor kids on buses, etc will be seeing that it's disgusting, no respect at all."

A third viewer mentioned, "Whilst I understand why many of the comments are empathising with these drug abusers, it is a nightmare to be living here. This is a sadly a common theme and occurs all the time in the area and residents fear for their safety."

Drug Problem in Sheffield

The substance they had taken is still not identified. The synthetic drug has been a major issue in Sheffield in the last few years. The drugs do nor cost more than £5 a fix and make the abusers unconscious. According to the estimates of the drug recovery workers, around 300 people use the spice in Sheffield compared with 4,500 who are on heroin.

This comes during an ongoing pandemic as the UK is struggling to tackle the coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak, which is devastating the world in recent times. The European country is currently preparing for an expected second wave of the virus outbreak.

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