Shocking VIDEO shows furious Wuhan woman calling Chinese government 'a corrupt regime'

  • A video from China became viral on social media platforms

  • In the footage a woman mentioned how pathetic situation is in Wuhan

  • The woman also criticized the China government

The World Health Organization (WHO) on Wednesday declared the new Coronavirus a pandemic that has killed over 4,600 people and infected more than 126,000 people globally, with the majority in China. While the whole world is battling to fight against the COVID-19 and scientists are working overnight to develop a drug or vaccine for the virus, here's a Wuhan woman who risked her life and talked candidly about the current situation in China.

In the video footage that has gone viral on social media platforms, the woman mentioned how pathetic situation is currently in Wuhan and how "corrupt" the Chinese government is.

Life at the centre of Coronavirus pandemic

A YouTube channel uploaded the video with subtitles on February 15 which has received more than 4,840,000 as of now. In the video, the woman, believed to be a resident of Wuhan stated that due to the Novel Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, not the government but the local residents are suffering most.

The woman mentioned that she supports Hong Kong and Taiwan for their independence as it will be a freedom from the evil Chinese Communist Party, which she called a "corrupt regime." In the video the woman said:

"Not a single person can speak freely. There is no one. If anyone speaks about truth, they will be caught by the police. And be deliberated, detained and legally adjudicated...even lawyers are useless"

Viral video
YouTube/ Eric Fisher

Criticism focusing on China government

Ever since the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus was officially reported by China in December 2019, the real picture remained evasive for the world. China's past record during the previous major virus outbreaks was equally apprehensive. In 2003, the country was accused of trying to cover up the major outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) for over six months.

The woman in the video mentioned that even though she knew that confronting the government could put her life in danger, she refused to be afraid of the regimes which she several times addressed as "evil regimes."

"I know it is dangerous for me to speak out, but I can't take it anymore. I cannot!"

The Wuhan woman said, "No beds, no medicines, all the news from TV is a lie. I saw an ordinary citizen suffers and scream. I am going to make a voice."

She added that she will raise a voice for herself as well as the Wuhan and Chinese people. The woman also asked people to hold out against the government and speak out for the next generation.

Missing people in China

At the end of the video, it shows three names with their current details. The text reveals Chen Chu-shil (missing), Fang bin (missing) and Ryan (he is safe for now). The text at the end of the video also says that the woman in the video is in danger now and "We have to protect her."

One of the netizens showed his concerns and wrote, "How can we find out who this woman is and let her know that we see her and agree with her, honour her for her incredible bravery. This is suicide in China."

Another person commented that "Face scanner and she'll be detected, wherever she is, police will be barging in her place. I hope she is still safe. God, please protect her."

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