Shocking Video Shows 2 Florida White Karens Assaulting Black Man Inside Elevator for Not Wearing Mask [WATCH]

As they yelled, they also started assaulting the Black and then made a false claim that he hit them first.

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A Black man was physically and verbally abused by two white women inside an elevator in Florida. The Black man was attacked and racially abused by the two elderly women while he filmed them. The video of the incident has gone viral on social media. The incident reportedly happened lats month but went viral on Wednesday only after it was posted on TikTok lately.

In the video, a black man can be seen recording two elderly white women as he shared an elevator with them. Instead of being friendly, the two women harassed, assaulted, and criticized the man for not wearing a mask.

Brutal Black Man

The original video was taken by from TikToker Blaine Legendary, @blainelegendary, who was the victim. He posted it on Instagram first and detailed everything that happened before the video and after the encounter, which took place in December 2021.

The disturbing video shows a Black man inside an elevator, who was recording two elderly white women. The two women are with masks, while the Black man is without one. Then one woman also starts recording the Black man and suddenly both start yelling at the Black man for not wearing a mark.

The two Karens then start threatening the man and yell at him to get out of the elevator as they feel they the Black man was a danger to their health because he didn't have a mask. One woman repeatedly keeps saying things like "don't touch me" and "Black lives matter," all while.

As they yelled, they also started assaulting the Black and then made a false claim that he hit them first.

White Karens
The two white women yelling and assaulting the Black man Twitter

To make the video even more outrageous is the fact that one of the ladies hit the man while declaring "Black Lives Matter." Confused and in no threat to the elderly Karens, the man laughed at them as he pointed out he was on the elevator before they even stepped on but they kept on hitting him.

One of the women were later charged with battery but was let out within the hour because it was a misdemeanor.

Sharing His Experience

AT one point, the Black man was almost pushed out of the elevator by the two Karens. He, however, managed to stay inside," Later, the Black man uploaded the video and detailed his experience with the two White women.

Later the video was reposted last week, which ahs since gone viral.

According to the Black man, the victim, the incident was quite disturbing and although he initially didn't want to post it on social media, he finally did so to share his experience of being a Black in the United States.

White Karen
One of the two women recording the assault Twitter

"I got on to the elevator of my apartment building from the 11th floor," he said. "I was heading down to the parking garage on the 2nd floor."

It was a Sunday and the Black man was in a holiday mood. "On my way to the parking garage," he continued, "the elevator stopped on the 4th floor where I encountered two very aggressive women who demanded to know if I had a mask while they held the elevator doors open."

Muck like other buildings, there are certain Covid protocols to be maintained in the building the Black man and the two white women were. According to the rules of that building, the elevator would likely only fit two people far enough apart in order to maintain social distancing.

Other Karen
The other white woman assaulting the Black man Twitter

The man was the first to take the elevator and the two White women entered later. However, the two woman started fighting claiming that the Black man get down. The man tried to tell them that he was the first to take the elevator, show he wouldn't step out but the women started physically abusing him.

"I was taken back by their volume and tone," he said, "But I responded and said 'yes.' Before I could pull my mask out the two women began to scream at me and demanded that I 'get off the elevator!'"

The alleged victim claims that the women were keeping the door open and yelling for help down the hallway, begging someone to call the police and implying that he was causing them harm.

They then slapped him, hit him with their phones, and eventually got in his face and started recording the situation in some sort of attempt to get him to react. "I told her to stop and asked why she was recording me," he said. "She continued, and in response to that I pulled out my phone and began to record them."

All of a sudden, the women started shouting Black Lives Matter. The Black man claimed that they did this strategically to make it seem like they're not racist or the aggressors in the situation, even though they very clearly are.

"I called the management office in the building and the police to file a report," he said in a comment on the post. "At that time I was informed that the building has no working cameras in the elevators."