Shocking video of Israeli bulldozer picking up dead man at Gaza fence moves netizens

  • A video emerged on Twitter showing a bulldozer scooping the body of a dead man close to Gaza fence

  • The country's Defense Minister justifies the military's action

A video of an Israeli bulldozer dragging a dead man close to the fence in Gaza has emerged on the internet on Sunday, Feb 23, shocking the viewers. The horrific video was posted by a local journalist showing how such incidents happen close to the fence that separates Gaza from Israel.

On Sunday morning, the Israeli army said that they found two men laying explosives close to the Gaza fence and claimed that they were Islamic Jihadists. The army also released a video that showed two men laying explosives close to the fence that separates Gaza and Israel. While they were conducting their operation along the border, the military opened fire and killed one of the men.

Israel bombs damascus
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Mohammed Al-Naim, 27, was killed by the military and soon a bulldozer approached the four men who were trying to retrieve the body. According to reports, this is the second time that the said Islamic Jihadists were trying to place explosives close to the fence.

The military also claimed in several reports that they had struck Islamic Jihadists in southern Damascus and the Gaza Strip on Sunday after the incident with the bulldozer took place.

The graphic video

The video showed some men trying to save the body. Gunshots could be heard throughout the video when the men were trying to retrieve the body as the vehicle approached. The video also shows unsuccessful attempts by the driver to retrieve the body. After several attempts, the body is seen dangling off the front scoop and it goes back to the Israeli side.

Israeli defense minister Naftali Bennette defended the military action stating that the military was trying to retrieve the body of a terrorist who tried to blow up the Israelis.

The Iron Dome technology

Meanwhile, Israel's military launched airstrikes in Syria which targeted "a hub of Islamic Jihad's activity". This attack happened on Sunday along with the incident with the video. Syria said that they shot down the Israeli missile using their air defense systems. The hostilities are said to have begun after the incident close to the fence. Islamic Jihad is one of the strongest militant groups backed by Iran.