Shocking Video Captures Moment ESPN's Shaka Hislop Faints Live on Air While Reporting During AC Milan-Real Madrid Friendly in LA [WATCH]

Hislop was talking about Kylan Mbappe when he suddenly fainted and fell on Thomas, his broadcast partner, following which ESPN promptly cut to a commercial break.

ESPN touchline reporter and former Trinidad and Tobago and Premier League goalkeeper Shaka Hislop left viewers shocked after he fainted and collapsed live on air whilst covering Real Madrid vs AC Milan for ESPN. Hislop was appearing on the live coverage of Sunday's pre-season friendly in Pasadena, California when the shocking incident occurred.

The 54-year-old started to lose balance and then fell forward into his broadcast partner, Dan Thomas, causing immediate concern and alarm on the sidelines. Hislop, who had a distinguished playing career with more than 250 appearances in the English top flight for clubs like Newcastle United, West Ham United, and Portsmouth, transitioned into a thriving pundit role in the United States after his retirement from professional football.

Frightening Collapse

Shaka Hislop
Shaka Hislop seen fainting live on air Twitter

The weather in Pasadena was recorded to be in the mid-80s on Sunday, as reported by However, it remains uncertain if the weather conditions played a role in the incident.

Hislop was talking about Kylan Mbappe when he suddenly fainted and fell on Thomas, his broadcast partner, following which ESPN promptly cut to a commercial break.

The network later provided an update to viewers, stating that Hislop was conscious and receiving medical attention on the pitch from the medics.

"My mate, Shaka, not here, but as it stands, it's good news," a visibly relieved Thomas told viewers at half-time. "He's conscious, he's talking, I think he's a little embarrassed about it all. He's apologized profusely. Not a man who likes people to make a fuss of him.

"Obviously far too early to make any sort of diagnosis, but the important thing is, that Shaka's conscious and we spoke to his family as well, because you imagine seeing that happen live.

Shaka Hislop
Shaka Hislop seen collapsing on his broadcast partner Dan Thomas Twitter

"We spoke to his wife and things are looking OK," Thomas concluded, before joking: "Silly, Shaka."

Fans and Viewers Concerned

Thomas ended the health update on Hislop with a joke but there was an immediate outpouring of concern on social media following his collapse. "Positive thoughts going out to Shaka Hislop," tweeted one fan. "Hoping it's just the heat."

Shaka Hislop
Shaka Hislop left viewers shocked after he suddenly fainted live on air Twitter

"Much love to Shaka Hislop and all at ESPN tonight," the Men in Blazers tweeted.

"Sending thoughts and prayers to Shaka Hislop after he passed out live on the ESPN broadcast of AC Milan vs. Real Madrid," another fan tweeted. "Glad to hear he's conscious now, and the medics are looking after him."

"Terrifying to witness. Wishing all strength and a speedy return to health for the big man."

Born in England in 1969, Shaka Hislop had a diverse football career that included representing Trinidad and Tobago's national team, as well as playing for various English and American clubs.

Shaka Hislop
Shaka Hislop Twitter

His professional journey began with Reading in 1992, and he subsequently played for Newcastle, West Ham, Portsmouth, and FC Dallas in the MLS.

After retiring from playing, Hislop ventured into coaching goalkeepers at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut.

In addition, he has been involved as a football analyst for The Guardian and served as a commentator for ESPN FC. His broad expertise and experience have made him a successful figure in the world of football analysis and commentary.

Hislop is related to American sprinter Natasha Hastings. She is his cousin and has achieved remarkable success in athletics, winning Olympic gold in the 4X400 relay at both the 2008 games in Beijing and the 2016 games in Rio de Janeiro.