Shocking Video Captures Football Star and Cameroon FA President Samuel Eto'o Attacking Man Outside World Cup Stadium after Brazil vs South Korea Match [WATCH]

Uncertainty surrounds what was said that infuriated Eto'o, who is in Qatar serving as the World Cup 2022 Legacy Ambassador.

Shocking footage has emerged online that shows football legend and current Cameroon FA president Samuel Eto'o attacking a man outside a stadium at the Qatar World Cup. The 41-year-old Eto'o is seen in the video clip taking photos with some fans when he suddenly starts chasing one of the individuals and starts beating him.

The incident took place outside Stadium 974 following Brazil's 4-1 win over South Korea on Monday night. It is unclear what sparked the altercation but Eto'o looked quite furious as he attacked the man. An hour before the unsavory incident occurred, Eto'o was photographed inside the stadium with former NFL player Chad Johnson while watching the Brazil match.

Fist of Fury

The startling video clip shows the former Barcelona, Inter Milan, and Chelsea striker leaving Stadium 974 in Doha after watching Brazil easily defeat South Korea in their round-of-16 match. Eto'o is seen making an effort to smile for pictures with fans waiting for him as he exits the venue before a man with a video camera approaches him to his right.

The video, which was taken by La Opinion, then appears to show the Eto'o and one of the fans speaking before cutting to a few seconds later and Eto'o coming back to the scene to confront the man.

Samuel Eto'o
Samuel Eto'o seen chasing the man before attacking him Twitter

Eto'o then starts chasing the man and stacks him as he tries to run away.

Uncertainty surrounds what was said that infuriated Eto'o, who is in Qatar serving as the World Cup 2022 Legacy Ambassador. He is seen reacting angrily and starts to push the man, who was holding a camera.

At this time, a number of witnesses intervene and try and pacify everyone including Eto'o. However, Eto'o seems determined to pursue the man and must ultimately be restrained as he makes an effort to confront him.

Samuel Eto'o
Samuel Eto'o seen charging at the man before delivering punches Twitter

The video then shows Eto'o giving a man his phone while being restrained by four men. He then emerges from the group and knees the man in the face, sending him to the ground. The brutal blow appears to come as the man is seen stooping, oblivious to Eto'o returning to resume the argument.

While Eto'o is again being held back by two men, the unidentified man is brought to his feet and does not appear to have been seriously harmed by the surprise blow.

At the Slightest Provocation

Reporters reportedly questioned Eto'o what had happened right away, but he was "out of his mind" and was quickly escorted away by security, according to La Opinion. Eto'o was photographed inside the stadium watching the Brazil game with former NFL player Chad Johnson an hour prior to the unpleasant incident.

Samuel Eto'o
Samuel Eto'o seen kicking the man as he falls to the ground Twitter

His main focus in Qatar was undoubtedly keeping an eye on his native Cameroon and how their tournament unfolded. However, Cameroon was eliminated in the group stage despite a victory over Brazil.

Eto'o retired from football in 2019 as a player, after a stint with Qatar SC in Qatar. He is best known for his stints with Barcelona, Inter Milan, and Chelsea, after coming through Real Madrid academy in 1997. He has also earned 118 caps for his country, the second-most for any player in the history of the game.

Samuel Eto'o
Samuel Eto'o Twitter

However, the 41-year-old has time and again made headlines for reasons unrelated to football, having received a 22-month suspended prison sentence in June for a £3 million tax scam after failing to register income from the sale of image rights.

According to Sport, the former Barcelona and Inter Milan striker admitted to the wrongdoing but claims that his former agent Jose Maria Mesalles tried to manipulate him.