Shocking things happen to sleep-deprived humans


Insomnia is one of the most widespread sleep disorders and many people in the world have been affected by the same. People who are facing this condition usually finds it hard to sleep, and their quality of life gets affected very badly. What then happens to the human body if one doesn't get to sleep ever again in life? A YouTube channel named 'The Infographics Show' has answered this billion-dollar query, and the results are mindblowing.

Sleep is something you cannot avoid

A human brain is literally a complex machine, and it demands rest after functioning for 12 or 16 hours. A study which analyzed the brain condition of people revealed that people who are sleep deprived usually faces a condition where the victim's neuro condition gets negatively affected. The research also found that a person who fails to sleep a single night will feel intoxicated similar to that of alcohol. Sleep deprivation for more than one night will pull the victim to clutches of various disorders like hallucinations, paranoia and sometimes sleep deprivation psychosis.

After 39 hours of non-sleepiness, the physical condition of the person will be affected badly. The person will start facing issues like high blood pressure and increased heart rate, and in the meantime, he will also face difficulties in remembering things precisely.

After 48 hours, the body's immune system will start malfunctioning, which will make the body prone to various diseases. In the course of time, the person will start having difficulties in hearing, and the eye-hand coordination will also be affected. If a sleep-deprived person is driving, then the chances of an accident are always high.

Hallucination is one of the major problems which will be faced by sleep-deprived individuals. If one is sleep deprived, then one is bound to see persons who are not really there and may sometimes hear unknown noises from thin air. After 48 hours of non-sleepiness, the brain will automatically sleep without taking consent, and the duration may last from half a second to half a minute. During the time of these microsleeps, the person will not be aware that he is sleeping, and he will not remember any of the incidents that occur during these moments.

After 72 hours of sleep deprivation, things will get worse. The person's psychological and physiological health will be drastically affected, and might also die within a month. If the brain automatically sleeps then the heaviest explosion might not be able to wake one up from a deep nap.