SHOCKING: Octopus clings on Snorkeler's face, refuses to let go

The video footage was uploaded on YouTube last week and has taken the internet by storm

YouTube grab

A man and his friend who went snorkelling in Greece made an unexpected friend.

The man, identified as Nikolaos Kepesidis, and his friend who spotted an octopus in the shallows depths while snorkelling, began filming it. However, the octopus is seen launching itself directly towards Kepesidis and within minutes wrapped its tentacles around his face in what seems to be a tight embrace. Now, if it was out of affection or was a vicious attack remains a debatable question.

The diver is frantically trying to remove the creature from his face while it clings tightly on his snorkelling mask , as seen in the video, which reminds us of James Cameron's cult movie "Aliens".

After several attempts, Kepesidis removes the octopus from his face only to find it entangling his hand. Pulling, yanking, wrenching - nothing seems to bother the mollusc.

After a few more seconds the octopus is seen sitting on the diver's thighs and the eventually swims off after several efforts of shooing it away.

The video footage, which was uploaded on YouTube last week, has taken the internet by storm, according to the Daily Mail and has been viewed more than 14,000 times.

See the video:

Video courtesy: 624859 vews