SHOCKING: Man pulls out 32-foot-tapeworm from his body in restroom

The man thought he did not finish defecating and later felt that something was sticking out of his bottom side

The flat and segmented worms that live in the intestines of some animals are tapeworms. Usually, animals and even humans can become infected with these parasites while grazing in pastures, drinking contaminated water and eating undercooked meat from infected animals.

But a 44-year-old man left horrified after he pulled out a 32 feet-long tapeworm from his body while using a restroom. The man, Kritsada Ratprachoom did not think that there was tapeworm, living inside his body but when he felt that something was sticking out of his bottom side, he pulled it out and noticed that it was a tapeworm.

32 feet long tapeworm
32 feet long tapeworm YouTube grab/ Viral Press

The man who found a huge tapeworm

Kritsada hailing from Udon Thani in Northeastern Thailand has described the tapeworm as a sticky and stretchy creature. After dropping his child at school Kritsada realised that he needed to rush to a washroom. He also felt wriggling in his stomach.

As reported by Mirror UK, he said that it felt like he did not finish defecating and there was something left. But to him, it felt like something sticky was there on his bottom. Later, when he tried to pull it, he found that the sticky thing was a 32-feet-long tapeworm. The man who is a freelance photographer by profession took pictures of the parasite before flushing it in the restroom.

Another case of tapeworm detection

A Singaporean man was shocked and terrified after a nine-foot-long tapeworm was found growing inside his body. But in this case, the doctors pulled out the worm from the man's rectum. However, the man did not show any symptom of having tapeworms before the revelation and tests have failed to reveal how the worm got inside the man's body. But, doctors from Singapore General Hospital's Department of Microbiology believe that it could have been a result of eating uncooked fish.

9 foot tapeworm
Tapeworm (representational picture) Screengrab from YouTube/US News

Details of tapeworm

There are six types of tapeworms which are known to infect people. They are usually identified by the animals they come from such as Taenia saginata from beef, Taenia solium from pork, and Diphyllobothrium latum from fish.

Often tapeworms don't cause symptoms but the only sign of tapeworm infection may be segments of the worms, possibly moving, in a bowel movement.