SHOCKING: Man enters Coronavirus isolation hotel posing as a cop and rapes two women at gunpoint

A man in his early thirties stormed into isolation hotel rooms posing as a cop and raped two women on the same night

As disgusting as it might sound, a 31-year-old man in Adelaide stormed into a Coronavirus isolation hotel in the pretext of 'checking up on the people affected by Coronavirus' and entered into two different rooms on the same night and raped the women who were quarantined at gunpoint.

His first victim answered a knock at the door at 8:30 pm and believed the man to be a real police officer after he produced a form and an ID, which was also fake. The woman allowed him to enter the room and the man then handcuffed her and pulled out a handgun from his jacket and raped her. Still being in handcuffs, the man demanded money from the woman and fled with $6,200.

At about 10:45 pm on the same night, the man entered another room in the same hotel and pointed the handgun at the second woman and raped her.

The man is now arrested and under police custody

Rape and harassment

The 31-year-old unnamed man, is now at police custody and was produced to the court and prosecutors in their filings told Magistrate Greg Fisher that the first victim answered the door to what she thought was a police officer. "She's been in isolation, she's from New South Wales — it was day 14 of her isolation. There was a knock at the door and the male provided a police ID card,'' and continued saying "He said he was checking on her due to the coronavirus so she let the male in."

The prosecutors also told the Magistrate that the second victim was waiting in her hotel room for her travel companion to return and that is when the man walked in as a "police officer" with a fake form and ID. ''He told her that she would go to prison if she was not quarantining and the only way she would not go to prison is if she had sex with him.''

However, the lawyer of the accused, Andrew Ey, denied all allegations pinned up against his client and asked the Magistrate for home detention instead of being under police custody. Magistrate Fisher refused to order a home detention and rejected the application, saying the allegations were far too serious and ordered the man to be back before the courts in July, 2020 and remain in police custody till date.

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