SHOCKING: Kuwait actor sets blindfolded man on fire, posts video online

The video creates a stir on social media with massive criticism.

SHOCKING: Kuwait actor sets blindfolded man on fire, video sparks outrage online
A screen grab of the fire prank video

A Youtube prankster, who has been labeled as "psychopath", posted online a video that showed him dousing a blindfolded man in gasoline and setting him ablaze. Jassim Rajab, identified as an actor from Kuwait, was hauled over the coal after the post became viral. The video was uploaded on YouTube on Saturday.

Rajab was seen smiling and pouring an accelerant on a blindfolded man in the video. Al Araybia reported that he threw the fire towards the man in an attempt to see if his screams were "masculine".

Immediately, the subject was seen to be consumed by large ball of flame. However, another man entered the scene and extinguished the fire. The man was alight for a very short span of time. YouTube users quickly reacted to this video and condemned the prank. "This psychopath should be imprisoned and seek treatment," one YouTube user commented on the video.

Another user wrote: "Even the fire extinguisher is dangerous - if it's CO2 you could die." In response to the comments, Rajab said he had taken "all precautions" before performing the stunt. The man's clothing was coated in a fire retardant liquid, he said.