SHOCKING: Infection from pet dog's saliva sends man to coma

The infection gave rise to red tennis-ball-sized blisters that covered his entire body

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A former soldier from Manchester, England, was on the verge of losing the battle against a deadly infection which spread across his body after his pet dog licked him.

The infection not only gave rise to red tennis-ball-sized blisters on his skin but also rendered his kidneys dysfunctional and sent him to coma for six weeks.

David Money (51) started feeling extreme pain on his leg since the month of April and when his partner Julie Crosby took him to the doctor he was diagnosed with an infection caused by bacteria called capnocytophaga.

Capnocytophaga bacteria are found in the oropharyngeal tract of mammals. The same bacteria present in Money's pet dog's saliva entered an open wound after it licked him.

Doctors who were treating him were baffled by the case and were so extremely unsure about his survival that he was put in coma.

The HGV driver was released from the hospital in September after his prolonged battle for life. However, his love for dogs did not get any less and still adores his seven whippets like before.

Money was quoted by IBTimes UK saying that all his suffering has made him more aware of dogs but he cannot forgo them as he loves then too much.

"My life has been completely turned upside down and to think it's from a bacteria from a dog is a mind-blowing thing...The pain I went through was indescribable...I can't believe what has happened to me, but I cherish them," said Money, as reported.