Shocking Footage Shows Robbers Looting a Louis Vuitton Store of $100K worth of Merchandise in a 'Grab and Run'

At least 14 robbers looted a Louis Vuitton store in Oak Brook while the armed guard was on a break.

Police in Chicago has launched a manhunt for a group of men who allegedly looted a Louis Vuitton store of merchandise worth $100,000 on Wednesday, November 17 afternoon, according to FOX 32. The incident took place just after 3:30 pm in the Louis Vuitton store at the Oakbrook Center west of Chicago. A total of 14 suspects are believed to be involved in the robbing.

According to Oak Brook Police, the alleged robbers casually strolled into the store a few people at a time, while the armed guard was on break, and looted the store in a "grab and run" as they immediately started grabbing everything they could take. The armed guard returned during the robbery and unsuccessfully tried to stop them. Police further reported that the suspects fled the scene in three separate vehicles.

$100,000 merchandise was stolen

The footage of the incident showed the robbers entering the store and grabbing everything they could lay their hands on in a haste, while the few customers present in the store ran for their lives. WGN TV reported that at one point, the guard got into a scuffle with one of the robbers while trying to stop him but did not use his gun during the altercation. Police estimated that handbags worth $100,00 were looted during the robbery.

Strategic robbery

The Oak Brook Police Chief, James Kruger claimed that the thieves planned the heist carefully as members of the gang were dropped off at different points near the store. The thieves then entered the store strategically right around the time the guard went on a break. The police chief stated that the detectives have license plates and other details about the suspects behind this operation. "We're nailing down all those leads now, our detectives are out working those leads," he said.

Oak Brook Police increased the patrol around the store after the incident. The identities of the suspects weren't available at the moment. Anyone with any information about the robbery or the suspects is requested to call the police at 630-368-8700 or email