SHOCKING: El Dorado Fire That Gutted 7,050 Acres Started at Gender Reveal Party

If found guilty, the organizers of the gender reveal party can be held financially and criminally responsible for gutting 7,050 acres of forest.

The latest reports say that the El Dorado fire that has gutted at least 7,050 acres in San Bernardino County, southern California, was started by a smoke generating pyrotechnic device used during a gender reveal party, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection has said.

So far the fire is contained only in 5% of the land. The smoke was noticed first at 10:23 am on September 5, 2020, in the El Dorado Ranch Park in Yucaipa. Currently, it has spread to over 7000 acres and fire fighters are finding it difficult to contain the spread.

El Dorado fire
El Dorado fire has gutted 7,050 acres of forest, damaged hundreds of houses in Southern California. Twitter

State-Wide Emergency Declared

The fire is said to have started at a gender revealing party that is held to reveal the fetal sex to the expecting parents, their family and friends. Details of the organizer of the party are not known yet. But those guilty of starting fires due to negligence or illegal activity can be held financially and criminally responsible, stated CAL FIRE Law Enforcement. It also stated that the weather is dry and it does not take much to start a wildfire.

California Governor Gavin Newsom has declared emergency in San Bernardino County. Newsom also issued the proclamation for the counties of Fresno, Madera and Mariposa due to the Creek Fire, and for San Diego County. In addition, Newsom has declared a state-wide emergency across California.

The fire started in the El Dorado Ranch Park did not take much time to reach the Yucaipa Ridge. So far there is no news of casualty but hundreds of houses have been damaged. People have been evacuated from Oak Glen Mountain Home Village, Forest Falls and North Bench Yucaipa.

What is Closed Around El Dorado?

The fire has led to closure of San Gorgonio Wilderness including all inbound trails and associated parking lots, roads and trailheads. Reports stated that Big Falls, Oak Glen Divide, Wilson Creek and Santa Ana River Trail between the southern forest boundary and Middle Control Road have also been closed.

Popular places in the area, falls and Thurman flats, Thomas hunting grounds, along with yellow post sites will not be open. Thomas Hunting Grounds Road, Morton Springs Road and Warm Springs Road will not be operational for a while.

Oak Tree Mountain was closed down in March due to the coronavirus pandemic. The area was affected because of the Apple Fire on August 1. It had reopened on Saturday but had to be closed the same day after El Dorado Fire.