Michael Jackson
File photo of Michael Jackson Reuters

Twitter has been stormed with people expressing their shock and disturbance after a documentary on legend Michael Jackson – Leaving Neverland – revealed shocking details of his sexual escapades with children as young as 7 and 10 years-old.

The documentary, which was screened at The Sundance Film Festival, has garnered extreme reactions from many countries worldwide. The documentary narrated the graphic and sexually explicit details about how Wade Robson and James Safechunk were molested, abused, seduced and raped by Michael Jackson.

While Robson met the singing sensation when he was 5, for him the abuse began soon after he turned 7. And James, who had done a commercial along with Jackson, faced the same fate as soon as he turned 8.

The documentary revealed how Jackson always chose discreet, deserted locations like – ranch, private box, attic etc for his ghastly acts. James and Wade, both revealed that the Jackson made them feel special by giving them extra attention and eventually made their parents agree to letting them sleep in his room. Once inside the room, Michael slowly started seducing the boys which as time progressed turned into French kissing, oral sex, masturbation and anal sex.

Not just this, the report also reveals that Michael used to shower both of them with expensive, exquisite gifts in order to make them keep their secret, a secret. James Safechunk revealed that Michael Jackson even performed a mock wedding ceremony with him to make him believe that the acts which were happening behind the closed doors, meant something to him too.

Michael Jackson also bought a fax machine for Wade Robson, on which he used to send him plenty of love letters asking him to make him happy.