SHOCKING: 8-Year-Old Russian Girl Raped and Murdered After Getting Abducted by Couple

The couple admitted picking up Vika Teplyakova but gave a different description of the girl, as per the reports

An eight-year-old Russian girl who ran away from home after a fight with parents was raped and then killed as she was picked up by a married couple on Monday, claims police. The street CCTV footage shows, Victoria (Vika) Teplyakova walking beside a busy road just before she got kidnapped.

The husband allegedly raped the minor and strangled Vika with a plastic bag, on the day she disappeared after going out of her family house in Novoaleksandrovsk, then he dumped her body near a lake in a forest. The eight-year-old girl was missing for three days before a 32-year-old woman named Kristina Dvornikov informed the police that she and her husband, Igor Dvornikov had given the girl a lift in their car.

Igor Raped the 8-Year-Old Girl

Vika Twitter/Nikita Parshukov

The man then allegedly told his wife that he is going to attack the girl and "the woman did nothing to stop it because she was too scared of him", as per a police source as reported by the Mirror. On Friday morning the woman showed where the body of the child was hidden near a lake, said the law enforcement.

As per the reports, the couple admitted picking up Vika but gave a different description of her. Initially, Kristina denied abducting, abusing, and killing the girl. But she later made the confession after further questioning and mentioned they picked her up on their way to the beach.

The woman further told the police that her husband drove the car to a remote area and told her to go out after which he raped the girl. Igor then carried the body of Vika and dumped her on the shore of the lake. Over 500 people had volunteered for searching Vika after the CCTV footage showed her walking alone. A per reports, she was trying to reach her friends.