SHOCKING: Eight-year-old Lebanese refugee girl tries to sell herself online for $45,448
Representational image of a little girl Reuters

An eight-year old Lebanese refugee girl living in a migrant shelter in Germany was put on sale in North Rhine-Westphalia, German media reported. According to a Deutsche Welle report based on a Westfalen-Blatt newspaper story, the girl had offered herself for sale online. But, apparently her parents were not aware of the advertisement that had requested $45,448 in exchange for the young girl.

Two years ago, the girl had moved with her parents and two siblings to the town of Lohne in the district of Herford. At present, the family resides in a refugee center. Both the parents have denied to investigators of having prior knowledge of the incident.

After the initial stage of investigation, the officials believe that the advertisement was placed by the girl without any supervision. The girl's siblings were moved to a care center temporarily and will be kept there until the investigations are over.