SHINee's Onew slapped with sexual molestation complaint

Onew was accused by a 20-year-old woman for touching her inappropriately while she was dancing on stage in a club in Gangnam, Seoul.

Onew Instagram

Korean boy band SHINee was put under spotlight Saturday after a woman accused member Onew of sexual molestation.

The unnamed 20-year-old woman accused the singer of touching inappropriately while she was dancing on stage in a club in Gangnam, Seoul.

A friend of the woman who witnessed the incident reported it to the police. Onew was arrested at around 7:20 AM and was booked by the police without detention.

Onew was investigated for five hours in which he said that he didn't remember anything as he was drunk.

In a statement, SM Entertainment said it was all a misunderstanding and the victim did not pursue the case against Onew.

"We're addressing the reports that made headlines about Onew. As a public figure, Onew has made headlines for a negative incident. For this, he's deeply reflecting on causing worry to so many people," the agency said, according to AllKpop.

It said that on the morning of Aug. 12, Onew went to "a club with friends to congratulate an acquaintance who had debuted as a DJ. He was dancing in a drunken state, and he unintentionally made physical contact with those around him. Because of the misunderstanding, he was investigated by police."

"However, the other side has admitted it's something that could occur and has dropped the charges as the misunderstanding has been cleared up. Onew plans to faithfully participate in the remaining investigation," SM Entertainment added.

Despite that the victim backtracked in her statement, the police will continue investigating the case, Channel A reported.

The police will obtain the CCTV footage from the club and will send the case to prosecutors next week.

Last month, an unnamed member of a Korean boy band was accused of being involved in a gang rape of a woman in Gangnam.

However, the woman changed her testimony to say that the singer was not one of those who raped her.

The police investigated the case and concluded that there was no rape that happened and the sex was consensual.