Shincheonji cult female member who was monitored for Coronavirus dies after jumping from 11th floor

The 41-year-old female Shincheonji cult member who tested negative for coronavirus jumped from the 11th floor of her apartment at Jeollabuk-do region in South Korea

A Shincheonji cult member who was being monitored for coronavirus or COVID-19 died after jumped from the 11th floor of her apartment Jeollabuk-do. The 41-year-old female member of the controversial cult had recently undergone two tests for coronavirus. Both the results showed negative, but she was being quarantined and closely monitored as she had the symptoms.

In fact, her name was also included in the list of people from Shincheonji cult who were under suspicion of having contracted the coronavirus. The Jeollabuk-do police officials stated that they conducted tests on her along with other Shincheonji members. She tested negative but was being monitored. Her monitoring period was to end on March 13. The police are yet to ascertain the cause of death.

Shincheonji members were made to undergo tests

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Shincheonji members were made to undergo tests after Jeonbuk-do administration issued a notice to close the facility where the people belonging to the cult met and meetings of the cult members were also banned. The notice was issued on February 26 in accordance to Infectious Disease Prevention Act.

AllKpop reported that there are 13,270 Shincheonji cult members residing in Jeollabuk-do. Out of them reaching 51 members has been a hassle as they are not even responding to phone calls. A total of 530 people of Jeonbuk-do had symptoms of coronavirus and after testing 502 were found negative and only one tested positive. Recently there was news of 1,777 Shincheonji members in South Korea refusing to undergo treatment after testing positive for coronavirus. More than 1000 members even refused to undergo tests.

Founder Lee Man Hee recently apologized to the public

In another development, a medical staff at Munseong Hospital at Daegu in South Korea who was tested positive in February was recently identified as a member of Shincheonji cult. While working in the hospital, he had hidden his identity as Shincheonji member. His wife, who is also a Shincheonji member was tested positive. More than 200 staff of the hospital who came in contact with the medical worker from Shincheonji are undergoing tests for coronavirus.

Following legal suit against Shincheonji members not abiding by the law and resulting in alleged spreading of coronavirus, its founder Lee Man Hee recently apologized to the public.

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