Shin Hye Sun responds to statements that she looks ugly

Shin Hye Sun has been tagged as ugly on the internet.

Shin Hye Sun does not give importance to comments about her looks. The 27-year-old South Korean actress revealed she boldly deals with hurtful statements on the internet.

During an interview, the Legend of the Blue Sea star said: "I receive a lot of comments calling me ugly or a nobody. I look up articles about me a couple times a day. I read all the comments one by one too, only because I'm curious about the stories surrounding me. However, I'm now slowly practicing not to take comments to heart."

Adding on, Hye Sun taked about her future goals. She said: "I'm still an unknown rookie actress. It's my dream to work as an actress all my life. To achieve that, I have to discipline myself well from now on."

"It's been three years since I debuted. I didn't dream of it to be this strenuous when I was younger, but this job is very fun in reality too. I like that I meet people, and I'm happy when I act. I'll work hard to become a timeless and versatile actress, so please watch out for me," she added.