Shelton Powell, Creating Explosive Results For E-Commerce Stores Through His Agency 'Build My Brand'

Shelton Powel

Shelton Powell, a 20-year-old e-commerce expert from Ontario, Canada, helps his clients develop their brands through his firm, Build My Brand.

Thanks to the internet, purchasing something only takes a click. E-commerce today allows anybody to buy their favorite food or their dream outfit and get it delivered straight to their door. However, the term "e-commerce" is not from the future. In fact, the e-commerce industry began in 1979 when Michael Aldrich linked a domestic television set to a phone line to create online shopping (before the Internet). It is currently predicted that by 2040, e-commerce will account for 95% of all purchases.

With the rise of online competition, e-commerce brands must shine through to succeed. In this day and age, a brand needs to have an online presence on all major platforms. People's fast-paced lifestyles necessitate that the store is readily available to do business with them, or they will switch to another brand.

Building an e-commerce brand can take months or years to do alone. But fortunately, the rise in e-commerce has paved the way for brand experts to come to light. Shelton Powell, the founder of Build My Brand, specializes in e-commerce stores and brand development. He has created a done-for-you e-commerce agency that offers full brand development and online business automation.

It all started from watching a YouTube ad in which a kid was profiting from an e-commerce model. This piqued Shelton's interest, and at 16, he launched his first e-commerce venture, selling physical products on Shopify and marketing them through Facebook ads. After successfully selling multiple products, Shelton established an online e-commerce agency. He began by taking on web development contracts with a team of 3-4 people. They wanted to grow the company but were concerned about how they would build a team of people who were not only trustworthy but also committed to the company's success.

This was when Shelton decided to start a community and invite like-minded people of all levels to network. It enabled him to provide people with life-changing values and form strong bonds with people who could help the company on its journey. It made Build My Brand into what it is today.

Build My Brand is a done-for-you e-commerce agency that handles everything from website creation to product selection to creative and advertising. The company has distinguished itself from the competition by constantly evolving, growing, optimizing, and testing new things that benefit clients.

Since Build My Brand began offering automation services, the company has had a 100% success rate in creating revenue-generating e-commerce stores. Every client they have on boarded since 2020 testifies to say they have made money online.

Shelton says that Build My brand is more than an agency. While most firms treat their clients like numbers, they treat them like family. Moving forward, he wants to help more clients to build accomplished brands and believes that never giving up is the key to all success.