Sheep Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison For Head-Butting and Killing Woman Under Bizarre South Sudan Law

A sheep has been sentenced to three years in prison for killing a woman in South Sudan. The sheep allegedly had attacked the woman and head-butted her to death.

The local court in Rumbek city has also directed the sheep owner to give five cows as a compensation to the victim's family.


Sheep Butted Woman Multiple Times

The sheep was taken into custody after it attacked the woman last week. Reports claimed that the sheep butted the woman's chest several times.

Adhieu Chaping, 45, was attacked repeatedly by the sheep, who will now spend three years in a military camp. After completing its jail term, the sheep will be given to the victim's family under the lake state's laws.

The police claimed that the owner is the innocent person and it's the sheep, who perpetrated the crime. Therefore, the ram deserves to be punished, said the police.

Sheep Will Be Given to Victim's Family After Three Years

Major Elijah Mabor revealed that the ram had attacked by hitting her ribs and the old woman died immediately. "So this is what happened in Rumbek East in a place called Akuel Yol. Our role as police is to provide safety and separate fights. The ram was apprehended and currently under custody at a Police Station of Maleng Agok Payam," said Mabor according to Ladbible.

The ram owner Duony Manyang Dhal and the victim's family are neighbors. A contract to formalize the agreement has also been signed between the two families with the police in the presence of the community leaders.