Shaun Enzo: Upcoming Musician Aims To Evolve The World Of Music

Shaun Enzo

The 26-year old Shaun Enzo from New York is more than just a law student. He is a passionate musician, creating rap and pop-funk music as fast, edgy, and eccentric as his streetwear clothing line. Enzo aspires to amalgamate the elements of fashion and music and create wearable art and fascinating music.

The emerging musician started his experiments producing and recording music when he was 15 years old. Now, during his mid-twenties, he has released his first-ever single, 'Again'. He started recording his music right after he set a system in his bedroom where he gained more and more experience making music on his own. The song has already become quite popular and has hit various milestones on YouTube as well as Facebook. He is currently working on releasing his first EP. His fast-paced beats, pop-funk sounds, and his husky, melodious voice together bring a new sound to the rap industry. The highly addictive hooks of his song are similar to PlayBoi Carti and Lil Uzi Vert, while the trap beats resemble the raps of Travis Scott and Migos.

Apart from being a talented rapper, Shaun Enzo has also tried to invest and diversify his portfolio. He has made investments in real estate, clothing, food, and even in various cryptocurrencies. At the moment, apart from his focus on his music and clothing line, he has made completing law school a priority as well. He is finishing his law degree part-time and balancing his varied interests and work life.

The life-changing experiences of Shaun Enzo, aka Shaban Asif, are reflected in his musical achievements. He wishes that his music inspires people and gives them the much-needed hope that anything is possible if you put your heart and soul in to achieve it.