Shattering Stereotypes And Redefining Success, Limelight Media Founder Mike Barron serves as inspiration to many

Energy and persistence conquer all things. ~ Benjamin Franklin

Mike Barron

Mike Barron is the founder and CEO of Limelight Media LLC, a facebook AD Agency that helps fitness professionals, personal trainers and gym owners with lead generations and sales.

But the American entrepreneur did not receive everything on a silver platter. Mike has a unique perspective on life — "No matter what life puts you through, strive for the best". He battled many challenging times since a very young age and these experiences transformed his life. He was born and raised by a 16 year old single mother, which in itself serves as a foundation for a difficult childhood. A troubled childhood led to immense changes in his personality and Mike constantly got himself into fights, considering himself some sort of a gangster. These challenges did not end in high school, but Mike's determination and positive attitude got him through all the difficult times.

Today, he is considered as one of the top marketers in the world and runs a multi 7-figure business that he built from scratch all by himself. Such success requires incredible leadership skills, self-discipline and self-motivation. Mike's road to success was never smooth. He lost his position as the president of a college as the school lost its accreditation and Mike was forced to quit his job. This led to days when Mike ate noodles for a fancy dinner and worked as a valet driver for some time.

As they say, energy and persistence conquers all things and so did Mike. He soon launched his award winning digital marketing agency called Limelight Media and has since worked for the biggest names in sports and businesses including UFC Champs, NFL All Pros and Fortune 500s. Following this, Mike was Unstoppable.

He received 2 Comma Club Award, a prestigious award given to top internet marketers in the world. He recently launched his Closer Agency which offers staffing services. "We place our closers on a location and earn revenue share for each new deal closed". They have also launched a new senior-level Closer Program in which they teach closers how to start their own closing firm and scale.

Mike's most important advice is to have a positive attitude towards life. His energy, enthusiasm and motivation are the secrets to creating a positive and success filled life.