Sharing the Underwater World Is the Key to Saving It - Ocean Conservationist Jason Borkland

Jason Borkland

There is no denying the fact that as we get busy in our lives chasing dreams and indulging in the latest technology, we forget our connection to nature. We tend to forget we are part of this planet and that every action we take leaves an impact.

Ocean conservationist Jason Borkland is working hard to bring the problems of the oceanic world into the limelight and create awareness around saving our waters and protecting apex predators for a sustainable future. And he believes sharing the underwater world with the masses is the key to saving it.

As a PADI diver master with years of experience in shark diving, Jason has swum with hammerhead sharks, sea turtles, manta rays, and dolphins. Having been around in the habitat of these magnificent marine creatures and seen them with his own eyes, he feels a great responsibility to protect them and let the world know how they are in grave danger today. Not only is the beauty of the underwater at stake, but the entire marine ecosystem is severely affected by overfishing and the killing of apex predators of the oceans.

Jason is a brilliant photographer and videographer who has captured some of the key images underwater, which helps him play a significant role in his mission. He views his photography as a way to permeate the consciousness of a larger audience. He does so by sharing his content on social media platforms and creating unique content that aims to spark a change.

"I have been lucky enough to travel all over North America, enjoying skiing, scuba diving, and other adventures. I have had terrific experiences, meeting some truly amazing people along the way. I hope to continue my journeys into the future, pushing a message of conservation through imagery," Jason writes.

Jason has assisted local governments in Mexico and Costa Rica to protect and safeguard natural areas against overfishing. He has also played a significant role alongside Jim Abernethy on film projects and conservation campaigns. Jason's collaboration with Fins Attached as a former member of the board of directors has allowed him to work alongside the leading scientific community for conservation efforts.

Fins Attached is a non-profit organization that operates in the Eastern Tropical Pacific. It conducts research, promotes conservation, and creates awareness for the protection of marine life. The team included some of the top Ph.D. scholars, marine biologists, and professional divers like Jason Borkland. Their efforts are primarily focused on shark conservation and public awareness. As a retired team member of the organization, Jason has contributed to it through his exceptional diving skills and marine photography that has helped the scientific community recognize the urgency behind marine conservation while also playing a part in showing the world what it looks like under the sea, alongside the supposedly dangerous marine creatures.

@Jasonborkland uses his social media influence to help people learn more about saving the ocean's apex predators like sharks and saving the wildlife before it gets too late.