Sharanyan Sharma: The Most Successful Fortune Global 500 Consultant And The Founder Of Prime One Global

Sharanyan Sharma

Sharanyan Sharma is not a new name in the digital world, as he has risen to become one of the most recognized entrepreneurs of Sri Lanka, having done spectacular work in the field of technology. His expertise has led to the establishment of his internationally recognized award-winning company, which is rated amongst the country's best. He heads the most result-oriented digital marketing company named Prime One Global and is also a consultant for Fortune 500 listed companies, who has worked with government organizations and numerous startups as a performance marketing consultant, brand ambassador, and digital workflow mentor. He has managed to create his distinct identity through his work which has won global recognition, with his company rated amongst the world's best which has done exceptionally well in its respective area.

He has been around the tech zone for quite a long time now, having grasped the subject of digital marketing and advertising to its core. Having mastered areas like Google Analytics, Microsoft Advertising, Omnichannel strategies, Performance Marketing, and eCommerce conversion rate optimization, He has come up with innovative solutions that have worked exceptionally well for many of my clients who list amongst the top Fortune 500 listed companies in the world. That's what made him one of the best digital consultants in his area of expertise.

Sharanyan's journey wasn't easy at the beginning. He has always been inclined towards the tech space, right from his early days. He started his career in digital marketing in 2008 and has been working closely with numerous startups and enterprises as a senior digital marketing consultant to digital marketing trainer having gained in-depth expertise in digital marketing strategies & framework, personal branding and digital transformation, lean startup growth hacking strategies digital advertising (PPC, SEO, CRO, IM), omnichannel and multichannel marketing, inbound marketing and digital storytelling.

Ever since he got his first job as a digital marketer in 2008, when he was 24, he has been trying to constantly upgrade himself in this ever-changing technologically advanced environment. Having been at it, conducting in-depth research, and learning new things each day helped him build a strong foundation for himself which helped him grow at an exponential rate in his career. Eventually, He established his own digital marketing company, which has some of the topmost companies as his clients.

Sharanyan says, I still feel there's a lot more to achieve as the sky's the limit as the industry has been growing at a fast pace and global businesses are adapting to digitization, especially after the global pandemic. I would want to take my company on an expansion mode in the near future, maybe establish myself internationally. This is just the beginning and there's a lot in store for the future, and I'm definitely working towards it step by step.

It's amazing to see a successful entrepreneur like sharanyan sharma and his Digital marketing company transform brands and startups to a different level. Here's wishing him all the best for his future endeavours.