Sharanya Haridas: A Powerful Writer and Journalist with a Strong Reputation for Excellence

Sharanya Haridas

Sharanya Haridas is a woman of prestigious reputation who has been leaving tsunami sized waves within the writing industry. Haridas, who was born November 2nd, 1990, grew up in India. Her behaviour and drive are what make her a role model that anyone is able to look up to.

Unsurprisingly, her physical and psychological beauty captivated an equally remarkable young man named Amrit Acharya. Acharya is an equally hardworking man who is an M.B.A. graduate of the University of California, Berkeley. He is a founder and chief executive of Zetwerk, a software start-up in Bangalore.

A Champion and Example for Women Around the World

Haridas is a woman who is always working towards perfecting her craft and creating a name for herself, whilst simultaneously working towards helping other women with the power of her words. Her desire for excellence led her to Columbia University in New York City where she graduated with a master's degree.

She went on to put the knowledge and qualifications she had acquired to work. Namely, this included becoming a BuzzFeed editor, as well as becoming a digital media and digital transformation expert and leading marketing and media business intelligence for Nimble Commerce.

The Accolades Roll In

Her many achievements led her to be acknowledged and featured by many prominent websites and publications. She has been featured on HuffPost, Thrive Global and the New York Times. Additionally, she worked as an editor for The Fifth Estate. She has also had published works displayed on Goodreads and Buzzfeed.

Haridas has filled numerous professional and entrepreneurial roles in her young life, predominantly in the field of writing. One of her pioneering achievements is the founding of a women's webzine 'That's So Gloss' which she created in 2012 whilst carrying out studies as an undergraduate at IIT Madras. The greatness of the idea by Haridas and the magazine itself won critical global acclaim. It was particularly unique in that it was the first women's webzine in India, this created an online space specifically tailored towards women. The magazine targets situations that women face on a daily basis and also provides and promotes female specific motivational content.

Sharanya Haridas Today

Today Haridas has a pretty robust reputation as a writer who delves into a wide range of topics including local Indian and global news. Sharanya aims to positively impact the lives of young women in the world who are experiencing challenges and to help make this world a safer space for young women and other underrepresented and disenfranchised groups. Here we see Haridas' personality manifesting itself as a goal, a goal to help other people in need. The impressive body of work she has created speaks volumes about the type of person Sharanya Haridas is.

Her social media presence is subtle but yet impactful. With over 7000 followers on Instagram, 13,000+ followers on Facebook, and a sizeable colony of 20,000+ on Twitter, her work and words have been seen all around the world. Her reposts, likes, and shares from her social media posts are in the thousands and come from digital citizens all over the globe. Currently, she operates from the big apple, New York City, a place commonly known for illustrious individuals and a place where she and the work she produces fit perfectly.

Sharanya Haridas has achieved so much in such a short time which serves as a powerful indicator of just how highly demanded her work is and how resourceful she is as an individual.