Shane Pace - Transforming lives through online fitness programs.

He is on a mission to make people embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Shane Pace

Virtual or online fitness training programs are the thing of the future. It is a form of service where one can access a fitness trainer or coach through the virtual medium instead of personally visiting the fitness center or gym. The online training programs have gained much popularity of late owing to the global situation where everything went on a standstill. Enthusiasts who wanted to follow a fit lifestyle but were unable to do so due to time crunch have benefitted a ton by this revolutionary method as they have the flexibility to exercise at their own time and pace. Those who were unable to visit a gym have gained the most from these online on demand fitness offerings as they can follow their fitness routine sitting right from the confines of their living room. The online fitness training programs dominated the market in the past year and the trend is expected to continue going forward too. Many online trainers and coaches had spruced up during the past year, and many had made a distinct mark for themselves owing to their targeted training programs which benefitted hordes of fitness enthusiasts, but one name that has become a synonym for online fitness training is Shane Pace, who has taken the fitness industry by a storm, given his training methods which have found a huge follower base in no time.

Shane hails from Melbourne, Australia, and has been a fitness and sports enthusiast from a young age. He hit the ground at 12 and diligently followed AFL football. What started as a pass time became his passion and he went ahead to emerge as the best player in the team and won the medal as the league's best player. A year later he was selected in the top 25 players in the state to represent Victoria in the Australian championships, which made him win two more best and fairest medals and the best player in the highest division. After sports came fitness where he aced too, in a big way.

He started his online fitness coaching venture named 'Be Elit3', which has become one of the biggest online platforms in the globe today. His programs have been widely acclaimed and have found takers worldwide. His growing popularity is evident by the number of Instagram followers which have grown to over 850k and still marching ahead at a fast pace. It is one of the fastest growing pages in Australia, without a doubt.