Shakira to Come Out as a Lesbian? Singer's Picture Resembling Lesbian Flag Sparks Conspiracy Theories

Shakira quietly changed her profile picture on Instagram and Twitter and the image sparked wild conspiracy theories that she would soon come out of the closet and announce to the world that she's a lesbian.

The profile picture is that of a blurred image hosting multiple colors which includes different shades of orange, pink, and white. The image resembles the Lesbian flag and fans are curious as to why she changed it assuming she could be a lesbian herself.

Shakira Lesbian Bisexual Anna Kaiser
Instagram grab / Shakira

As soon as wind of the profile picture reached fans, Twitter was filled with hashtags of 'Shakira coming out' and 'Shakira lesbian' speculating that the Columbian star is all set for a major announcement about her sexuality.

Several others also hinted that her raunchy 2014 hit track featuring Rihanna 'Can't Remember to Forget You' is all about lesbian love and spun a whole new theory as the two singers were seen in a single frame wearing revealing outfits.

So Is Shakira Really A Lesbian?

The internet has always been wild and full of conspiracies against celebrities and nothing can be taken on face value before receiving an official confirmation. The reality could be that Shakira is teasing fans about her new and upcoming project, as she also shared a link that took fans to the official website of Sony.

The link to the website in itself suggests that the 44-year-old singer is in collaboration with Sony music for her upcoming album or single and all details about it is kept under wraps. The secrecy has led to many speculations and all of it might die a natural death when the singer announces her next musical.

However, many fans still believe that Shakira's next musical would be about her coming out as a lesbian. ''Shakira is coming? yeah coming OUT, I know a lesbian flag when I see one babe,'' tweeted a fan.

What Is The Lesbian Flag?

The Lesbian flag, which consists of a variety of colors, was introduced on Tumblr by blogger Emily Gwen in 2018 and was quickly adopted by the LGBTQ community. The dark orange stands for 'gender non-conformity', orange is for 'independence', light orange for 'community', white symbolizes 'unique relationships to womanhood', pink for 'serenity and peace', dusty pink stands for 'love and sex' and dark rose symbolizes 'femininity'.