Shahzeb Azad, Splendid Businessman, Remarkable Producer, and Industrialist

Shahzeb Azad

Having a wide range of interests is ordinary. Albeit, following different interests as an alternate vocation way simultaneously through the course of one's life, is exceptionally extraordinary and unique.

One such multi-talented, business visionary, entrepreneur, and industrialist is Shahzeb Azad, a multi-gifted, talented, and wonderful individual. His ranges of abilities go from business, industry to film creation, portraying the flexible idea of his character.

Shahzeb Azad began his excursion of Film creation with an exceptional film Consequence: Karma. He further spends significant time in various fields like quality business/industrialism/production, close to achieving new heights for his company consistently.

In the overview of successful and hardworking people, one would never disregard Shahzeb Azad. The renowned proprietor of Prolix Powertech (HT and LT Transmission Line Equipment Industry), Prolix Entertainment (Production House in India and Dubai), and Prolix International (Imports and Exports Company).

Consistently, he attempts to make an engraving on everything. From the power and food sector, Shahzeb gave in everything possible and, even today is trying to remain a step before others' assessments.

Shahzeb Azad has assuredly made some amazing progress concerning achieving success. Hailing from BulandSheher in Uttar Pradesh and afterward going through several impediments and difficulties to build up his business headquarters in Dubai. Aside from this, he is additionally an Industrialist who has invested in the Power and Food Sector.

The film Consequence: Karma, a dark and twisted tale, marks his glorious debut in the film industry. Putting in a tremendous amount of effort in producing the movie, Shahzeb managed to resolve every issue that his team members faced. He aided the team financially, mentally, and morally throughout the film production journey.

The regulatory focus of his business is orchestrated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Where the brilliant business visionary has made mind-blowing notoriety of his work. Directing to various nations around the world, Shahzeb Azad has guaranteed appropriate advancement in the business area.

His success, musings, and every single piece of it show the proportion of troublesome work he yields and never gives a need what he desires.